eBook & Audio


The state consortium Bridges provides a digital library of eBooks, audiobooks, magazines, and even videos!

How to Use

Pick up step-by-step how-to pamphlets at the library or get help from the Director to sign up.

Download the Overdrive app to your preferred devices. Create an account.

Manage libraries: add Bridges.

Through Bridges, find your local library. Sign in with your account number. Contact the library if you need your number.


Now you can search through Bridges! Enter the title, author, or keyword in the search bar. Available materials may be added to your bookshelf: downloaded items do not require a network connection to open, letting you listen & read on the go.


If materials are unavailable:
Checked out items may be placed on hold and a notification will be sent when it is available.
Materials not in the collection may be recommended for purchase. This does not guarentee their addition.