Every year, the library chooses a new project to improve services. This project is selected and funded by efforts from the library staff, library board, and local organizations such as the Friends of the Melbourne Public Library and local businesses.


Current Project: New Doors


Our library was built in 1997, and the doors have served us for over 20 years. With the changing services of the library combined with the age of the building, it is time to replace them. New doors, including electronic code-based locks, will allow staff & users to enter more easily. Basement rentals will no longer require borrowed keys necessitating deposits and returns. Simply get a custom code from the staff that will time out for increased user convenience & library security.


We will replace the doors with upgraded locking systems, including plans for electronic code-locked doors. Our library volunteers & staff are seeking estimates and funding.


Our current timeline puts completion at late spring 2020. This is subject to change due to funding and contractor schedules.


Past Projects

Year Project Funding How did this improve user experience?
2015 Basement Refurbishment   We opened the basement for rental. Now the space is used for public needs such as City Council Meetings, CPR training, or private needs such as birthday parties, holiday events, family reunions, grad gatherings, and more. The library uses the space for special programming, such as the summer program.
2016 Roof Refurbishment   The roof has improved features to increase heating & cooling efficiency.
2017 New Computers   The new computers are faster & easier to use for both public & staff.
2018 New Deck   Our old deck was crooked, rotten, and full of pests, especially wasps. Truly, it was unwelcoming for the public and difficult to maintain for library & city staff. The new deck is made of PVC material and features an improved layout for ADA compliance, outdoors programming, and lights along the steps and ramp for safety.